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Love Letter to My Daughter

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A clear roadmap that will set our daughters on the path needed to date safely and to choose partners that will love and support them.  This powerful book, tells her story and in so doing arms our children with the knowledge to recognize violent behavior in their partners, thus preventing them from becoming victims of domestic abuse.


  • That relationship violence is NOT just physical—that abuse is when someone uses the imbalance of power to control you.
  • How young women can play the game of life by keeping their cards to themselves.
  • Why it is important to have an invisible shield called family and how to implement and protect it.
  • Information in a language that is relatable and easy to understand.
  • Best practices for safe dating in today’s modern world.
  • A perspective that makes the patterns of abuse easy to recognize.
  • The importance of healing and how to empower yourself.

Putting a stop to generational cycles of abuse by preventing #METOO moments!