Public Speaking

Shaunda-Lee is smart, witty, and is living proof that women can do more than survive, but thrive! Sharing her knowledge, along with her life experience in this beautiful love letter to all daughters, she is in fact arming these young ladies with proven life skills to literally prevent another generation of women from living the very same nightmare she survived. Shaunda-Lee understands this new culture of instant gratification so from the beginning of her book right to the last page she is a straight talker and gets to the point in a manner that her children’s generation can relate to.

Her passion and purpose are all over the pages of her book, and now through public speaking she can empower girls, and guys, by the thousands.

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Shaunda-lee is seeking to find ways and avenues to communicate her message of hope and empowerment to the next generation, with the knowledge that will help them avoid sacrificing their hearts, minds, and bodies to abusive relationships.  She is a passionate and dynamic speaker that young people instantly connect with.

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