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When Shaunda-Lee was a child living in Mallorca Spain. She watched her Mother take in an Iranian Princess to hide and protect and care for during the Iranian coup in the early 1980,s. This is where Shaunda-Lee learned to open her heart and home to young girls in danger and in distress. When Shaunda-Lee moved into her first home she always brought in young ladies in distress. So it is not surprising that her passion for these ladies runs deep. Growing up with a Monster as her father, she understood the importance of a safe haven and why they are necessary.

“My goal is to redirect Millennial and Y-gen traffic so to speak. Educate them properly and encourage them to share this knowledge with friends, and family and with their own daughters to continue to save lives through prevention.”

“Our daughters deserve the best!
The time for settling is over!”

Shaunda-Lee is living proof that you can survive domestic abuse, and many Violent Relationships by paying the highest price. Her perspective comes from years of survival and the ability to recognize that she is right in the middle of a generational cycle of abuse. Instead of keeping these tools to herself, she shares them hoping to save lives.

Shaunda-Lee was born in 1972 in BC Canada. At seven years of age her family moved overseas due to a booming oil and gas industry. She returned to Canada with her mother and her sisters and graduated in 1990. She was married in 1993 and worked in retail until her son was born in 1994 and became a stay at home Mom to her son and her daughter who was born in 1996.

Her life story is riddled with violence and her survival skills that she teaches young women has a 99% success rate and recovery, leaving armed with prevention tips. Shaunda-Lee has an atypical personality and she has created a map of Preventative tools that are easy to use and effective. Her experience empowers these young women to unlock their own potential instead of counting on a boyfriend’s potential.

Love Letter To My Daughter is Armed with the tools and best practices for avoiding violent relationships altogether. Shaunda-Lee is smart, witty, and is living proof that women can do more than survive, but thrive! Sharing her knowledge, along with her life experience in this beautiful love letter to all daughters, she is in fact arming these young ladies with proven life skills to literally prevent another generation of women from living the very same nightmare she survived. Shaunda-Lee understands this new culture of instant gratification so from the beginning of her book right to the last page she is a straight talker and gets to the point in a manner that her children’s generation can relate to.

Shaunda-Lee’s passion and purpose are all over the pages of her book, and now through public speaking she can empower girls, and guys, by the thousands. A Love Letter To My Daughter, will stop the bleeding before it starts.

“If you do not dream big you will not make it big. A fact of life!”      

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Shaunda-Lee’s tools also help parents educate their little girls on the importance of family and safe dating practices based on her own perspectives as a victim, survivor, daughter, mother and grandmother. With a true heart full of a mother’s love she has dedicated her life to always helping others. And now she has found a way to deliver her knowledge to the rest of the world.

Shaunda-Lee believes there is plenty of help for victims, but while she appreciates all the help and safe havens for abused women and their children, she believes that the standard approach is backwards. Shaunda-Lee knows the only way to stop the bleeding is to prevent our daughters from entering into violent relationships altogether by empowering young ladies before they start to date. She believes we have enough band-aids and the bleeding will only stop if we prevent relationship violence instead of constantly and unsuccessfully trying to stop the bleeding after the wounds of emotional and physical abuse are inflicted.

Shaunda-Lee has always provided a shelter and safe haven for young women in deep distress. rescuing girls from any and all walks of life. Pouring her love not only into her own children, but also into her passion by helping rejected girls recover from all sorts of trauma. Shaunda-Lee helped prevent homelessness to these young ladies keeping them off the streets. Allowing them the time and space to rebuild their lives and heal in a loving respectful environment.

In the last three years Shaunda-Lee has housed, coached, and guided over 300 young women, all of which were trapped in violent relationships. Within a 48 hour span with Shaunda-Lee’s coaching every one of these young girls turn their lives around and are happy and thriving. Shaunda-Lee realized that these young women not only needed rescuing, but they also needed to understand the truth about violent relationships. She breaks through every myth with truth and reality.

Realizing that relationship violence in young women is an epidemic, Shaunda-Lee decided to write her knowledge down in a book and dedicated it to all daughters. And instead of helping one girl at a time, Love Letter To My Daughter can help all mothers help their daughters and help all daughters to help themselves. Shaunda-Lee arms our daughters with the knowledge on what relationship violence looks like and how to avoid sacrificing their hearts, minds, and bodies to abusive boyfriends.

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Shaunda-lee is seeking to find ways and avenues to communicate her message of hope and empowerment to the next generation, with the knowledge that will help them avoid sacrificing their hearts, minds, and bodies to abusive relationships.  She is a passionate and dynamic speaker that young people instantly connect with.

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  1. You’ve done a very personal and I assume, a very hard book to write, sharing your life! You sound like an amazing woman and because of a my very chaotic childhood with an abusive, alcoholic Dad,I know it takes a very strong person to want to help and tell their story. I’ve learned a lot in my older years, but not before I took it upon myself to seek help! I try and do my part with helping people I know, to have a better life. I truly have a tremendous amount of respect for you, and am looking forward to reading your book! 🥰

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