Putting a STOP to Generational Cycles of Abuse!

Love Letter to My Daughter by Shaunda-Lee breaks down the misconceptions that surround domestic abuse by providing straightforward advice from a place of experience, love, and support.


on the move again, but not because she wants to

In this book, Shaunda-Lee demonstrates incredible insight about abusive relationships though her experiences. The author shows resilience in the midst of challenging situations and makes this book truly educational. Through LOVE, EXPERIENCE, and her OWN SURVIVAL, Shaunda-Lee’s Love Letter to My Daughter addresses and exposes the traps of abusive relationships in a language that your daughters understand while empowering them as well!

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About the Author

When Shaunda-Lee was a child living in Mallorca Spain, she grew up with a monster for a father. She also watched her mother take in an Iranian princess to hide and protect and care for during the Iranian coup in the early 1980’s. This is where she began to understand the importance of having a safe haven and learned to open her heart and home to young girls in distress and danger.

When Shaunda-Lee moved into her first home, she brought in many young distressed ladies. So it is not surprising that her passion for abused women runs deep!

“My goal is to redirect Millennial and Y-gen traffic so to speak. Educate them properly and encourage them to share this knowledge with friends and family and with their own daughters to continue to save lives through prevention. Our daughters deserve the best, the time for settling is OVER!”

After having two of her own children and surviving two separate marriages that were riddled with abuse, Shaunda-Lee realized that she was at the center of a generational cycle of abuse epidemic. She realized that the information about abusive relationships is not effective when it comes to Millenials and the Z-Generation. These women believe abuse starts with a punch to the face, when in actual fact that punch will end the violent relationship. It takes one punch to put a person in the ground.

Shaunda-Lee believes the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and the only way to prevent more generational cycles of abuse is by rolling up our sleeves and teaching young women what abusive traits look like in a partner or boyfriend BEFORE they start dating.


an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

This book is all about recognizing where your strength went and how to get it back.

So, what are you waiting for?

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